Hilarious Outtakes



Every single month since each of my children have been born I take a picture of them. First the photos were just of my son. When his sister was born I went on to take individual photos of each children and a shot of the two babies together. Once I had a third child, I continued with this 'tradition' of mine and added to the mix. Getting a monthly photo of my children together. It is a much easier task with two children let me tell you. On my quest for the "perfect monthly photo" for the most elaborate scrapbooks any child could have I have many, many (MANY) outtakes. Actually more outtakes than perfect photos. Am I the only one who is this insane? In the beginning I started this monthly pose as a way to document each child's growth, but mainly because I didn't want to ever forget one single look that each of my children have. (they grow so fast you know) Each month when I tell my children "okay, today is pose day, assume your positions", I am met with distant looks, groans, grimaces and sometimes tears.
Here are a couple of my outtakes through the past months of 2009.


July 2009 ~ bored with this entire process
Aug 2009 ~ put the soda down please
Set 2009 ~ I can't BELIEVE it ~ I totally forgot!
Oct 2009 ~ umm, don't know what the dirty look was for?
Nov 2009 ~ oh, that D. Dog again
Dec 2009 ~ on my quest for the "perfect" Christmas card photo, 121 shots and not one "perfect"


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