A Day In My Life . . . Again


Sunset I'm cheating on this one since there is never any sun around these parts during winter! This is from a very hot day this past summer on the lake. Here's to wishing I was there right now.


Black and White My gorgeous daughter, right before she had her RPE (Rapid Palatal Expander) put in this week. She's miserable and can't eat anything solid yet. She's not smiling much these days.


A Day in My Life I simply could not pick just one photo to express my life right now, thus the collage.

 I am "just a mom" and well, sometimes I wish I had my career back. Especially after viewing all these pictures. How boring I am now! My life consists of waking up, making coffee(for me) and breakfast(for the children), driving the children to and from co-op, teaching school, cleaning, laundry, cooking lunch, more cleaning, more laundry, playing ponies, more laundry and more cleaning, emptying the dishwasher (my least favorite chore in the world), cooking dinner, cleaning up after dinner, giving baths, reading books, getting snuggles before bed.

Not all in this order, but most days, yes, all these tasks. This is not the life I envisioned for myself when I graduated college and landed my dream job. This is not the career path I had in (my) mind as I marched down corporate halls as a Sr Financial Analyst. I had a great job, I was good at my job, and I was on a fast track in my career.

So this is my real life, I am "just a mom" and I love it. I would not change all the ketchup kisses, sticky hugs or whispered 'I love yous' for my previous salary. (well, maybe if they gave me a raise)


Four We have had a bit of snow these past couple of weeks, to the delight of my kids. Me, well, I could do without snow. But since my kids love it, we must go sledding. We do live right next to a lovely huge hill that is quite perfect for sledding and, well, learning to snowboard. Colorful A giant perplexus ball, so much fun!