My Bedroom Is Getting Tired

My husband and I built the home we live in a little over 10 years ago. The building process was interesting and went rather smoothly.  When you move into a newly built home, the house literally needs everything. Window treatments, knobs, valances, towel racks, light fixtures, appliances, paint, window treatments. I literally could go on and on as to what we needed to purchase. Thankfully, we each had a full time job.  When my husband and I moved into our new house a decade ago, we purchased quite a bit of new furniture as well.

One of the major purchases we made was one complete master bedroom furniture sets. At the time, I happened to have been very pregnant and extremely busy with my full time job. I really did not look to extensively at any furniture and we basically just picked one of the first sets we looked at. Now, a decade later, I do not like the bedroom set that we bought way back then. One issue I have with the bedroom set is the bed. Specifically the size of the bedframe.

 My husband insisted we had to have a California King bed frame. I really wanted a King bed frame, but he wouldn't really give in on the issue. I didn't really push the issue too much because I was very pregnant and extremely busy and frankly didn't want to create an issue. We were newly married and I wanted to make him happy.

However, this bed is not working today. It is too small for our family of five. We co-sleep and have since our first child was born. Here we are a decade later, three children and we still co-sleep. During the night, someone is always displaced, mostly me. It is time for the California Kind Bed frame to go.

Since we have a matching bedroom set, we need to purchase an entirely new bedroom set with simply a King sized bed frame.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My opinions are my own.