What Are You Wearing (today the sun is shining)

The sun has been shining all week. I really didn't want to say that out loud because naturally it is going to rain now. Amazingly enough the month has only seen a couple of days of rain for us. Strange as that is? Perhaps May will be a rainy month. I love the sun, thrive in the sun. Here in the Chicago area we do not see the sun as much as I would like.

The winter months are dismal and grey most days and I shrivel up and die a bit each day that passes me by during those long, cold days. I have been begging my husband for years to move. He will not leave this area. He refuses to even discuss the idea of California. Where I have wanted to move to for the better part of 10 years! I then suggest Texas and he sort of agreed as he has a number of friends who have relocated there. He even applied for a number of jobs, had a couple of interviews and then decided that Texas is not the place for us. (I think I can decide for myself thank you very much).

Just this week he took a new position at the current company that he has been working for the past 20 years. So I don't see my current home status changing anytime soon. Especially since this new position enables him to travel extensively again. He will be soon traveling abroad. He will be gone most of this summer during the week traveling to Malaysia, Israel, Poland, Denmark and little old Florida. Therefore, eliminating my chance of ever moving to California or Texas!

So, alas, at least the sun is shining today! This is what I'm wearing!

Black Ruffle Shirt: H&M
Jeans: True Religion
sandals: Discovery
earrings/bracelet/headband: Forever 21

I have to say that this shirt I usually wear another t-shirt underneath and today I am not. I am not comfortable this way either! I will likely put a tank top underneath before I leave the house again today. I hate low cut shirts, and yes, I know this is not even that low cut. I just am not comfortable showing my bare chest. As to the headband, I had it on and wore it for awhile, then naturally, it started to give me a headache and off it came. What a difference! Cute vs sexy? I love, love, love these jeans! They are so comfortable! But the damn buckle fell off on the closure and I'm constantly and forever taking a hammer to it!

I wish my hair looked like this to me. I look at these photos and I adore the shade of my hair. When I look in the mirror, my hair does not look like this? I think something is wrong with my eyes! That is why I am leaving now to go get my roots dyed! But, first I need to put another shirt on underneath this one!

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