Baseball season is upon our household. Practice three nights a week and games, well, they are scheduled and they are all.the.time! M y son is less than thrilled about sports. I gave him a choice between soccer or baseball or karate, all of which he has played before and all of which he has decided that he no longer wants to play again. Sorry to say, that is not allowed in Tiaras house! If my son had his way he would be sitting around reading or conducting experiments all day long. Inside. I want him outside! He will have plenty of time as an adult to sequester himself away without getting any vitamin D. These childhood days it is up to me to give him a ready supply of it outside.

Naturally, the above photos speak to his attention to the game . . . because you know it is so much more fun to balance one's bat on one's cup than to actually use it to protect oneself!