My DVR will be so happy

After a long hiatus, many television programs are back! My DVR will be so happy!

Lost started a few weeks ago . . . and I couldn't be happier with this season . . . new twists and plots . . . and my husband is driving me nuts with his questions because he only started to watch last season and is so, well, Lost!!!!

AMC's Breaking Bad will premiere March 8 for the second season . . . this show is very funny.

Season 3 of Big Love has already started . . . and wow, these people are wickedly good!

Season 2 started of Secret Diary of a Call Girl . . . this show cracks me up! My husband hates this show and actually stated to me while stomping away that I am living vicariously through this character? WTH?

Season 3 of Burn Notice also started . . . I would love to be as skinny as Gabrielle Anwar AND dress like her living in Miami (she used to be on The Tudors and do you remember her from Scent of a Woman?). Funny spy show.

The Tudors season 3 starts soon . . . this happens to be one of my absolute favorite television programs. I am enthralled watching the exploits of the sexy, hard-bodied King Henry VIII. I know Henry VIII didn't really look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers, but a girl can dream!

A new series, produced by Spielberg, United States of Tara started . . . it's pretty amusing.

The new stars have been announced for Dancing With the Stars and will premiere March 8. I can't wait . . . my only complaint about this show is that it is too long . . . way too long. I can't sit through the entire show and miss a lot. They really need to speed it up! Here are the new stars:

BELINDA CARLISLE -- An actual Go-Go!! I grew up with these girls . . . can't wait to see her, I think she will do well, but not win.

DAVID ALAN GRIER -- Funny guy . . . he won't be as funny as Cloris Leechman . . . but he will entertain no less.

JEWEL -- Love her music and she will be competing with her hubbie . . . I don't think she will last too long.

SHAWN JOHNSON -- Gymnastics Superstar and adorable . . . she will do well, but too young to win . . . I don't know. I think it may be between her and another . . .

LIL' KIM -- Rapper turned dancer? Not so sure . . . but I bet she is a contender for the globe.

GILLES MARINI -- Actor, never seen by me . . . no clue.

TY MURRAY -- Rodeo athlete and Jewels' hubbie, but can he dance? Me think not!

STEVE-O -- Not my cup of comedy . . . I don't think he will last long.

NANCY O'DELL -- Now who doesn't like Nancy O'Dell . . . I think she may look stunning, but won't win.

DENISE RICHARDS -- Unfortunately for this gal . . . no one likes her . . . she won't last long.

LAWRENCE TAYLOR -- Football players always seem to do well in this dance competition.

CHUCK WICKS -- Country singer . . . not sure about his grooves though.

STEVE WOZNIAK -- Hasn't there been a computer geek already that failed miserably??

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