Keys to A Successful Marriage . . .

Okay - so I am cheating a bit - THIS is not my very FIRST post, but close. I am linking this post up because the first posts I did were of "stuff" I had written up for scrapbooks . . . so I don't really consider them my first posts. Get it??

This past summer I remember watching an Oprah episode that asked respective spouses to write down the 5 most important goals of their marriage (don't quote me here). My husband and I were spot on with only 2 answers 1) lack of intimacy & 2) different parenting styles.

Here are some of my other answers: 


2) Respect (mutual would be nice)

3) Forgiveness (only on his part :-) )

4) Good Wine(this is his -not mine) (I don't drink, so this is a problem, obviously)


My husband snores, he drones on endlessly each night. At 1 AM this morning, I was once again awakened from my sleep by his loud snores. I resisted the urge to slap him awake and instead went to the toilet, went to check on The M's. They, of course, had kicked the covers off and went back to bed. I naturally made as much noise as possible to wake him! The baby woke instead and started her panting (her cue to eat). I fed her quietly and placed her back on her pillow next to me. I settle in next to my warm heating pad and try to ignore his snoring. I can't. I rise and shove him hard to turn over. Daughter one comes in 5 minutes later and needs help with the bathroom and insists she must sleep with me. I gather all her blankies and pillows and settle her in at the bottom of my bed (yes, MY bed). Snoring hubbie wakes up and makes his way to the bathroom, returns and takes the blanket off daughter. He is virtually blind without contacts and has no concept of shapes! I ask him to please turn the other way because his snoring is once again keeping me wide awake. It is not 2 AM. One full hour I have been awake, only 1 hour of sleep so far. I was starting to drift back towards sleeping. Suddenly, a small sound, reached my eardrums before I could escape to dreaming. I was not slow to identify it as the snoring hubbie.

This goes on and on each evening until I can take it no longer and shove and push and slap hubbie to leave MY BED! I would rather sleep with 3 small children than with this snoring machine. At 5 AM I am once again tossed out of my sleep from hubbie getting out of bed (hubbie is 250 and I am 115-BIG difference in a bed). He lumbers about the bathroom, making all sorts of unnecessary noises. I try to fall back asleep, but his noises wake the baby and we are UP, UP, UP once she is awake.

So, my key to a successful marriage is : (I have changed this to #1) SEPARATE BEDS!!!!