Wordful Wednesday

First Hair Cuts-EVER

My daughter has not had much hair since, well, forever. She is 5 years old and has never had her hair cut. Simply because she did not really have hair until she was 3 years old. Then it was so short, there was nothing to cut. Up until this past year, it has been short, really short and very fine. Well, it was time . . . for a haircut that it. Just a trim really. Hopefully this little cut will kick start her hair growth. But the hairdresser said not likely. She is going to have fine hair like her momma.

Baby girl was scared for sister to get her hair cut and kept saying over and over while we were waiting . . . "it's scary sister". (It was very cute) As soon as big sister hopped down . . . baby girl walked right over to the chair and climbed up and said "it's my turn". I could not believe it AND I did not want to cut her curls!! The gal just trimmed it up a bit and it does look tidier!

This is before - no more poofy hair