It's cold today . . .

This weather is so dreary and depressing! I don't know how much longer I can survive without sunshine! I NEED THE SUN!!!!!! A taste of the sun over the weekend, lovely sunshine for 2 delicious days. I even took the children's winter coats to the basement and replaced the hooks with jackets. NOW, the children are freezing in their jackets, winter hats and mittens outside! Just ridiculous! I am sitting here typing(attempting) with the coldest hands on the planet. I reset the timer on our thermastat, too soon, too soon! I even put away the winter fluffy pjs. I refuse to dig these items out again! I even put away my trusty heating pad for my feet at ngiht. I did indeed drag that out last night! I would have never survived the night without that! Even though my daughter was asleep at my feet (yes, son and baby beside me as well). Too cold here in Chicago!! I have yet to shower today, it is now 2PM. I was busy running around this morning taking the children to school (2 different schools), then off to WalMart for some things we were out of (how do the children eat so many granola bars so quickly??), then home again to let the dog out. Back out to pick up daughter 1 and then son from school. Home again for lunch for the children - NEVER the same thing for all three children. Each child wants something different. In between this, feed the dog, let the dog out again. Down to the basement for more laundry! Settle in at the computer to read some blogs and type this up. I am off to shower now, I think. I think I'm going outside because the kids are begging! Soccer later, I will surely FREEZE to death. I hope I get to shower today!

**UPDATE: The sun made a brief appearance at soccer and I didn't freeze to death!

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