Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Family Vacation

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Family Vacation

What a lovely city really! You arrive at the airport to the hawkers . . . really just aggravating to me because I have 3 cranky children who have been couped up in a tiny seat for 4 hours and are ready to swim. I HAVE been telling them for one straight month that they will get to swim, so they are ready. Of course, the luggage port instantly starts to hassle my husband. He's done, dismissed immediately by angry hubbie! We make our way out to find our reserved cab. No trouble here, thanks to the heavens.

Villa Del Palmar

On our way to the hotel, Villa Del Palmar. Checking in seemed fast, until I hear, your room is not quite ready, please come over here to sit down with me and review these papers . . . I was steamed up at that point. I waved my husband away, I wanted no part of this. My children then proceeded to whoop it up in the lobby, splashing water from the fountain all over themselves, the fountain, the floor and anyone who dared to come close to them. They were running around the lobby like little monkeys, shouting and getting potato chips all over the floor. I am shooting daggers at my husband as he is sitting and laughing with his new host!

After 20 minutes, I had had enough of their little chat and walked right over to the host and asked if our room was ready because my children were getting out of hand and needed a rest. He just sat there and continued to speak to hubbie! I shot my husband the look of death that he better stand at that point or the rest of his week was going to be agony. We made it to our room and my husband went down to collect our luggage so the children could swim. Wasn't this what I had promised them for a month?

In walks hubbie with three suitcases, minus mine. He states, 'I grabbed the wrong suitcase, I'm heading back to the airport to search for yours'. I didn't even say a word, I just did an about face and shut the door on him. Two hours later, he shows up with my suitcase - bless his heart, because he knew if he didn't . . . I think everyone knows what would have happened! Finally, the children could swim. Although at this point, the sun is almost down and the breeze is out.

JUMP! SPLASH!! SCREAMS! The water is FREEZING!!!!!!!!!! The children swam until they could stand the freezing water no longer. Upstairs for warm baths and room service and bed. We had a wonderful 2-bedroom, 3-bath room. Just perfect for us.

The beach the next morning was wonderful and the children loved throwing sand at the waves and playing. Breakfast was wonderful as well. Swimming all afternoon and playing in the sand. The water was still freezing, so the children played in the sand more. Chili's for dinner that evening.

Villa Del Palmar

The next morning we were checking out to move to another hotel, Crown Paradise. Pre-planned, we couldn't get Crown Paradise for the entire stay and originally were going to stay at Villa Del Palmar for the week, but after seeing the huge outdoor play area at Crown Paradise . . . . well, it is all for the children. So off to Crown Paradise, all inclusive. We had a room only, 2 double beds. What were we thinking??

Rooms not so great, towel business a disaster! Food very average, but as long as there were fries and ice cream, my kids were happy! The pools - well, that is why we stayed there.
Wonderful! Exciting! Fun! And warm water!!!!! The children swam and swam and swam! Wonderful time at the pools!

Sea Life Park

We spent one glorious day at Sea Life Park, and outdoor water park/Dolphin exhibit. We were to swim with the dolphins, but the children were petrified to get in the water with the dolphin. Much to my dismay! But they had a fabulous time swimming at the park that day! 

Flight home, once again, packed in to little seats for four hours. Loads of turbulence, my son thought we were on a roller coaster and LOVED it! I was in a state of panic the entire time! Home to dismal, cold weather, missing the sunshine and delicious heat! Waiting desperately for summer here!

We picked up our dog the next morning. Oh, this poor pup, she is a beautiful 14 month old Labrador. This poor dog, I don't know what happened to her, I think they locked her in a cage for 8 days straight. She has lost her bark, it has yet to return - 5 days later. Her nose was scratched like she was digging at something for days on end. She is following me around, not letting me out of her sight. This poor dog! I don't know what we shall do next vacation, but that kennel is not the answer.