Today is Friday, sun and gloom. That is the weather, sprinkles and a ray of sun. Can't decide what to do! I have been awake and RUNNING since 6AM this morning. Once AGAIN, no time for a shower (I did bathe before I went to bed last night). But I do feel so much more refreshed and awake if I shower. The problem is if I don't shower right when I get up, I don't shower. I should have this morning, but wanted coffee more. I needed to wake my son for school and he always likes to snuggle, well, so do I for that matter!

The dog was begging to go out and I needed to get the girls up and changed and everyone out the door by 7:10 AM to get my son to school on time. It is a 40 minute drive in the morning with traffic. 20 minutes back home, then food in the girls, daughter 1 off to school. Back home, feed the dog, feed the baby(ie: nurse)

I could have showered then, but needed to call my brother. THIS is always stressful and takes nothing less than an hour to complete, listening to his rantings and goings on about his life . My brother has a hard time getting by in day to day living without anti anxiety pills and antidepressants. The issue is that right now he stopped taking the anti anxiety and likes to call me as the pill that he should be taking. So off the phone with him - bidding him to behave over the weekend.

Off to pick up daughter 1 from school, then over to my son's school. Next is Target for groceries - and of course, new toys since the children behaved so well in the store. That is the bribe, if they behave and don't give me a hard time, they get to pick a new toy. (Am I the only one who does this? ) My son picked a couple of new Funkeys, daughter 1 picks a new pet shop pet - her favorite thing to play with right now. Little baby loves the mini My Ponys right now. She loves to sit on the floor and play.

Home with the groceries, unpack, put away - you know the drill. Lunch for the kids, although they were eating fresh bread at Target. THIS is a must - this delicious fresh baked bread -DEMI FRENCH artisan bread! We pick up a loaf and the children munch away while I shop. Let the DD out, for anyone who doesn't have a Labrador, this means DAMN DOG! And back in and back out and back in and back out - around 25 times a day!

I finally get to sit down with the baby and feed her at 2PM, she passes out almost instantly nursing away. I watch the parts of Survivor that I missed last night, almost all of it. But love OnDemand so I can miss the silly parts and the commercials! Then Baby up to bed, and I am off cleaning and cleaning. I do spend ridiculous amounts of time cleaning each day! Son delighted to play Funkeys and Meagan on the sofa watching BabyEinstein, almost sleeping.

Now, I am here typing up this blog for the day. Waiting for my nephew who will be spending the weekend. My son has been asking me EVERY 15 minutes, has an hour passed yet. Next time, I'm not telling him his cousin is coming. Surprise here even that he will be allowed to come. Brother and crazy ex-girlfriend don't get on well to put it lightly. She called last night and asked if I would like Carter to spend the weekend. OF COURSE we would, we LOVE Cousin you crazy girl! She must have been desperate to call me because she loathes me to the ends of the earth! She is quite possibly the worst parent (besides my own and along with my brother-but he admits that he sucks) on the face of the planet. We'll take it though, because we haven't seen him since Son's Bday and it will likely be another 4 months before she graces us again!

So, my weekend will be filled up with soccer games Sat morning, soccer pictures Sun morning after church. Sat we will do something fun and exciting with the 4 kids! And Sun, driving my nephew back home, he lives an hour away. I'm exhausted and hope to take a shower soon, well, after I cook dinner and clean up and play with the kids and get the kids to bed. Well, maybe I'll just take a shower in the morning.