Why We Homeschool


My family never planned to homeschool. After all, we thought, wasn’t homeschooling for freaks and religious nuts?

Our decision to homeschool was driving in large part by the lack of resources available in our areas.

The public schools were completely out of the question. We had sent our children to private school since preschool. A private Christian school.

While the school itself was good enough, I did have several issues with it.

The teachers lacked any sort of warmth or kindness. This was really hard for me to deal with.  I understand that  a teacher has a full class of students to teach, but the complete lack of warmth shown, even in the Kinder classes, just astounded me.

There were some strange rules that were also hard for me to grasp, such as eating lunch in a lunchroom with the lights off and no speaking at all. I had helped out during lunch several times and those lunch aides were absolutely horrific and mean to the children. It broke my heart.

If teaching in a Christian school is a calling, then where was the love?

Another reason we chose homeschooling is because the Christian school district didn't have many options for gifted kids. My son is highly gifted and was bored to tears at school. We requested that our son be moved up a grade and the principal did not agree with this. He felt that students in general do not do well with this. I got this. I knew my son would likely struggle leaving his friends, but I also knew he would feel better with a more challenging curriculum.

A big reason we chose to homeschool was even though our children attended a Christian school. They were not taught much about God. The behavior of the teachers and aides was not the type of adults I wanted influencing my children by for the next eight years. My children were coming home with bits of information that I felt was inappropriate for their ages.

At home we could decide and control what information my children would hear and at what age.

The curriculum we choose for our children is 100% Christian based. Every subject is taught from a Christian perspective. This was not happening at the private school.

Now that we are no longer paying tuition to a private school, we are free to do more educational extras for our family.

My children are happier at home and I am happier they are at home with me.