My Own Little Vincent van Goghs

How to paint Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers with Children

Vincent van Gogh is considered a genius for his use of color, texture and movement as expressive, emotional tools. These characteristics make his work identifiable.


How to identify a van Gogh:

*Swirls and curls

*Complimentary Colors




*Night skies

Van Gogh's 10 years of artistic effort produced about 900 paintings. There are many today that are considered masterpieces which shows his extraordinary drive, focus and talent. Today, several of Van Gogh's paintings are some of the most expensive in the world.

Van Gogh's art has touched many people. His art gets into our hearts and minds and makes us art lovers.

How to paint Vincent van Gogh's Sunflowers with Children

Vincent's Sunflowers:


Picture of Sunflowers

Yellow poster board


Glue Stick

1/2 cup of ground coffee

Squeezable glue bottle, 1/2 full


Mixing stick


Use the pencil to draw a horizontal line across your poster board about 6 inches from the bottom. Draw a large vase that extends above and below this line.

Visualize how your sunflowers will fill the vase and draw their round centers onthe poster board

Apply glue stick to one flower center. Sprinkle the ground coffee over the glue and press in place. Repeat for all sunflower centers.

Add about a spoonful of orange paint to the bottle of glue and shake it up.

Squeeze the colored glue onto the poster board using squiggles, dots and lines to create petals around the flower centers. Decorate the vase and the table top with the colored glue as well. Let dry.

Sign your name like an artist.