Inspiring My Little Picasso, Seurat, & Van Gogh


Inspiring My Little Picasso, Seurat, & Van Gogh

Inspiring my Children in Art History

Last week I took the children out on a field trip to the city to explore the Chicago Art Institute.  We  have been studying great artists of the world here for a unit study this year. I wanted the children to see the paintings and artists we have reviewing this school year. Although we had a great time, I have to admit that my little ones were bored after an hour of walking around.

 I'm so glad that we live neat a great city that has so much to offer my family. While we were in the Impressionism Hall, my girls were stating who painted this one and what period it was painted and on and on. No prompting from me I might add. A lady walked up to my girls as asked them how they knew so much about all these paintings. My daughters replied, "My Momma" That was a proud homeschooler!


The modern wing is not only beautiful, but has a huge family section called the Ryan Education Center. There is an indoor play area with blocks, books, art inspired computer games, etc., and it’s open everyday during normal museum hours (this area is geared towards smaller children).  In addition, they have multiple classrooms where they hold educational classes for kids age 3 through 18.  Classes range from Drawing in the Galleries and Family Art Class to Story Time.  They even offer a entire list of programs for teens interested in art. 


Chicago Art Institute is dedicated to making art accessible to the community and the families that live in Chicago.  I highly encourage you to check it out with your kids.  Plus, you can get in a little culture for yourself while you’re there!

Here are the details:

Chicago Art Institute

  • Where – 111 South Michigan Ave.
  • Hours of Operation – Mon.-Wed. 10:30am-5:pm, Thur. 10:30am-8pm, Fri. 10:30am-5pm, Sat. and Sun. 10am-5pm
  • Cost – $16 for Chicago residence.  Kids under 14 are FREE.  Thursday nights are also FREE from 5pm-8pm.  
  • Parking – We parked in the underground parking across the street at Millennium Park and were able to walk around the city afterwards.