Teacher's Notes: Riley Travelogue Adventure Book Series

I love children's books.

I love to read to my children.

I have been reading to my son since he was pretty much born. I would literally sit and read to him until I was hoarse and he would still push more books towards me. My son is nine years old and I still read to him every night (well, at least I try too). I continued this nightly ritual with each of my children and I will continue until they no longer allow me read to them (secretly I hope this lasts well into high school).

There is a series of books I happen to love so much I will be incorporating them in with my study units. I happen to think this series is quite spectacular. These books feature travel adventure in a series, exhibiting stunning black and white photos. Black and white photographs of landmarks which are enhanced by the illustrators whimsical drawings.

Riley Travelogue Adventure Book Series

The Riley travel adventures books are a wonderful way to introduce young readers to the cities of Beijing, Hong Kong and Sydney (and soon Melbourne). The photographs show various locations in these cities and provide a stunning backdrop to Riley’s fun adventures. The writing is very detailed, offering engaging narratives of the characters and landmarks Riley encounters on his travel adventures.

Traveling the world with Riley and his captivating  friends, readers will love touring and soaking up the culture of some of the world’s most amazing cities.

My children love these books, especially my little one who has claimed each book as her very own.

I am so excited to use the Riley Travelogue Adventure Series this school year for our unit studies of China and Australia. These books will be a most welcome addition to our unit studies. The author has already outlined the teacher's notes for any teacher or homeschooler that would like to use the series. Included in the teacher's notes are three lesson activities to aide in unit studies. Lesson one covers facts about the cities Riley visits, lesson two covers story writing elements and structure and lesson three introduces children to a book making activity.

Riley and the Sleeping Dragon

A unique, multimedia picture book, Riley and the Sleeping Dragon follows the magical journey of Riley as he searches Beijing for the elusive sleeping dragon of China. Metaphorical, historical and adventuresome, kids can tour the ancient sites of Beijing while searching for this very special, traditional creature.

Featuring stunning black and white photos of Beijing and gorgeous illustrations by Mo Qovaizi, this book is the first in a travelogue series for 0-8 year olds. Riley and the Sleeping Dragon was featured in the Australian Bookseller Association's Kids Reading Guide 2009/2010.

For a Sneak Peek, click the picture below.

Riley and the Dancing Lion

Riley and the Dancing Lion is the second book in this multimedia travelogue series for kids. After traveling to Beijing in book one - Riley and the Sleeping Dragon - Riley now sets his sights on Hong Kong, in search of the traditional dancing lion that is found during Chinese New Year.

Follow Riley across this amazing city and surrounds, as he discovers many types of dancing lion in his quest to find the true lion that heralds a bright new year. But is this traditional lion really what he appears to be? Featuring hilarious illustrations by Canberra illustrator Kieron Pratt, kids will adore finding an impressive line up of kooky dancing lions.

For a Sneak Peek, click the picture below.

Riley and the Curious Koala

Following in the Riley series of travel adventure books, Riley and the Curious Koala takes our little aviator on a journey around the beautiful landmarks of Sydney, in search of a strange and elusive fuzzy creature. With stunning black and white photos of Sydney's beaches and glorious harbour, even in the torrential rain, this whirlwind trip showcases this gorgeous city at its best.

Riley and the Curious Koala is illustrated once again by the illustrious Kieron Pratt. It is the third book in the very popular Riley travelogue series for little ones.

All Riley series books are available to purchase.

Australian Author Tania McCartney

Tania McCartney is an Australian author, editor, publisher, photographer, magazine writer and is currently a senior editor for Australian Women Online as well as the creator of the website Kids’ Book Review. She is the author of the Riley travelogue series of picture books, as well as children's fiction and non-fiction, and adult non-fiction. She is also part of Handmade Living and she has several new books coming out in 2011/12. Tania also happens to be one of my very dear friends that I met while living in Beijing, China. I couldn't be more proud of all her accomplishments. I am one of her biggest cheerleaders!

disclosure: photos and descriptions taken from Tania McCartney. No compensation has been received. I am simply posting for a dear friend!