♥ Wild


♥ Wild I just wish I have really long hair still because it would have worked out so much better! But I am happy with the result, except for my background. I don't have a white wall in my house anywhere and I didn't want to get out the white backdrop for me being wild.


♥ Welcome We went to the circus this week and were able to meet the Ringmaster, Brian, up close and personal. He was funny and welcoming and I loved his colorful tux.


♥ Adventure My children are always off on some adventure leaving me in their wake. I'm constantly in the rear taking photos of behinds!


♥ Vibrant This clown was so vibrant and cute and hilarious.


♥ Classic I wanted to take a photo of something soft and girly and classic. I took my Venetian mirror and old porcelain doll and carriage out of their hiding spots with a vintage picture as a backdrop. I really like how this turned out, very classic.