Why Swim Lessons Are Important

Kids swimming lessons are usually the top priority as summer approaches and we all want our kiddos to have the best swim skills when running around local pools. To master swim skills children can learn to swim year-round at a local swimming facility by practicing lifesaving skills and water safety. Spring is in full swing in Chicago and the summer season will soon be approaching, be sure to register your child in swim lessons at Big Blue Swim School.

Why Swim Lessons are Important #BigBlueSwimSchool #swimmingLessons

The Importance of Spring Swim Lessons

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Swimming is practically synonymous with summer, but parents don’t usually schedule kids swimming lessons until the pools open in the summer. Our kiddos need to stay safe around pools as summer approaches and start swimming lessons at a local swimming facility, such as Big Blue Swim School , during the spring months. Before heading to the local pool this summer, be sure to schedule your child in winter swim lessons to learn swim skills, life skills and water safety.

It is so important children know the basics of pool safety by starting swimming lessons before the summer season is upon us. Since children tend to be less active during the winter months, what better way to promote exercise and activity than kids swimming lessons when the ground is covered in snow. Swimming lessons during the long winter months is also one of the best forms of exercise for children.

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There is Never a Bad Time to Learn How to Swim

I was a competitive swimmer growing up in rural Iowa and we practiced swimming year-round. My own children don’t swim competitively, nor do they love swimming as much as I did, but they are most certainly equipped with the lifesaving skill of swimming. My children took year-round swimming lessons for years because swimming is an essential life skill and kids need to learn how to swim. Swimming lessons should not stop once school begins. Winter swim lessons are just as important as summer swim lessons.

As sad as this statistic is to read, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 19. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in the of summer 2017, there were 163 child drowning deaths in the United States and 70% of these were children under the age of five.  

Remember, you can’t always be there. Learning to swim may save their life one day.

Enrolling your children in swim lessons at Big Blue Swim School is the best action plan a parent can provide to prevent drowning. Even advanced swimming skills cannot prevent drowning though. Parents still need to be vigilant about supervising children who have learned basic swimming skills. The best course of action is to provide your child with year round swimming lessons, especially during the spring months.

Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago

Top Three Reasons Why

Spring Swim Lessons Are Important

Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago




Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago

Chris DeJong, the co-founder Big Blue Swim School, knows how important kids swimming lessons are for young children and Big Blue Swim School actively encourages the Top Three Reasons Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important. Chris is a 5-time U.S. National Champion and a former American record holder in the 800-yard freestyle relay. He co-founded the Big Blue Swim School to be able to provide families with the best swimming facilities across the Chicagoland area.

Big Blue Swim School’s principles of teaching kids swimming lessons are simple. All the Big Blue Swim School instructors use the E. D. M. C. teaching methodology. Explain, Demonstrate, Mimic, & Correct. The Big Blue swim instructors are awesome teachers with well over 100 hours of training and are fully equipped to provide children and adults with the best swim skills, the best lifesaving skills and the best water safety skills all year long, but especially during the winter months.

Spring swimming lessons are fun! Especially in the Big Blue Swim Schools super warm pools. Swimming in the cool months is a great form of exercise and keeps children’s lungs and hearts healthy. Spring swimming lessons also promote confidence as children aren’t stopping swim lessons. Repitition is key for good muscle memory. Children need to maintain their swimming skills and year-round swimming lessons do promote confidence in children.

Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago

Spring swimming lessons at Big Blue Swim School provide parents with everything they need to make kids swimming lessons as easy as possible for their children and their busy schedules. The Big Blue Swim School swimming facility promotes, safety, flexibility, small class size, progression, awesome instructors, great facility locations throughout Chicagoland, ease of rescheduling lessons and kids swimming lessons are quite economical.

Big Blue Swim School has locations throughout the Chicagoland area with FOUR Chicago-area locations: Buffalo Grove, Niles, Wilmette and Hoffman Estates. A NEW location will be opening in March 2019 at 4207 N. Western Avenue Chicago’s North Center. Big Blue Swim School does not charge registration fees or yearly membership dues and each location has ample parking available.
Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago

ABOUT BIG BLUE SWIM SCHOOL: Big Blue Swim School is fully dedicated to providing kids swimming lessons as the summer approaches. Big Blue provides year-round swim lessons for children ages 6 months to 12 years-old and their indoor swimming pools are always a warm 91-degrees. If your children are at different swim levels and different age brackets, they can start swimming lessons at the same time each week because lessons for children of different ages can be scheduled at the same time. 

Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago

All the pools at each Big Blue Swim School location have an open design, allowing children in swim lessons to get in and out of the pools with great ease. All the pool decks have hand-held showers and each facility has individual changing rooms. Each swimming facility has a parent viewing area that is comfortable and functional. Big Blue even provides free WIFI for parents and siblings waiting for their siblings who learn to swim. The Big Blue swimming facility floors are covered in fall-proof, anti-microbial carpet as well.

Why Winter Swim Lessons Are Important #BigBlueMoments #BigBlueSwimSchool #winterswimLessons #Chicagoswimlessons #Kidsswimlessonsinchicago
After a spring of swimming lessons at Big Blue Swim School , your children will be fully prepared for all the summer swimming at local pools and beaches. Spring swim lessons are so important, provide long term benefits and your children will also benefit greatly from all the fun and activity spring swim lessons bring to their lives.
Why Swim Lessons are Important #BigBlueSwimSchool #swimmingLessons
Why Swim Lessons are Important #BigBlueSwimSchool #swimmingLessons