What's Your Bedtime?

Questions of the Day here . . . What time do you hit the pillow?

Do you have bedtime routine that I could use to keep myself from climbing into the sheets earlier?

Do you have high-thread count sheets?

Do you meditate to wind down at the end of the day?

Or do you have a hard time getting yourself to bed period?


I have sleep issues . . . major sleep issues. When I was younger (in my twenties), I slept great, nary a problem. Head, Pillow, Sleep! In my thirites, I started to NOT sleep. I even went to a Dr because I wasn't sleeping. Sleeping Pills, argh, don't like those little suckers. Having babies has not helped my not sleeping issues. (see BedTime Antics, I wrote this back in Feb). A snoring hubbie does not help my not sleeping issues. I'm in the 40's now and I'm still NOT sleeping.

I must have crisp sheets, tucked in tightly (hubbie likes the sheets willy nilly). I must have complete darkness. I must have my sleep machine on (when hubbie starts in on the snoring, the machine is turned UPPPP). I must have the ceiling fan on. I must have quiet.

The truth is, summer is over and I am struggling with getting to bed at a decent hour. I have good days when I am in bed by 11 o'clock every night. Other days (MOST days), I get distracted by blogging or laundry or television (damn you ShowTime and OnDemand) and the next thing I know, it is midnight, 1:00 or even 2:00 in the morning before I settle in for the night. I bargain with myself about going to sleep (okay, self, go to sleep now and you will get approximately 4 hours of sleep), because I know that I will be awakened no less than 4 times . . . once by each little baby of mine and once (but always more) by hubbie. (So, I say to myself, why go to bed now, when I know I will just be awakened in 1 hour, I will just wait until after baby wakes and needs a snuggle and a sip).

This isn't good.

And as fall approaches, I am aware that the back to school routine I set for my son and daughter needs to include a get to bed routine for me. In order to feel better (which I know I will from the few times I do go to bed at a decent hour), look better (hello, intensive mask), eat better (gallons of coffee do not make a good breakfast) and act better (hey, crabby), I need to set an alarm to go to bed rather than get up.

Of course, no alarm is set in . . actually I don't even OWN an alarm clock. But I wonder if there are better times to go to bed than others. What time do most people call it a day?

What about you? Be honest, What's your bedtime?