My Old English Teacher is Douche

 I have to preface this by saying that in college I argued with every single on of my teachers for every one of my grades that was not an A. So that being said, I could write a novel. I won't bore you with my crazy days of thinking back then!!

Instead, I will tell a little story about high school days . . . Lord, it was forever ago. Freshman year in high school to be exact. I have an older brother who blazed an unsavory path down the halls of my high school that left every teacher dreading the sight of my last name on their class rosters. Therefore, not an effort was put forth on my behalf from any teachers that freshman year of high school.

Freshman English, one of my favorite classes actually. But the teacher was a jerk, a bald jerk to be exact. He was my tennis coach in jr high and I liked him then. But for Freshman English, a complete jerk.

Every paper I wrote . . . D or worse, F. The guy was a jerk. I couldn't believe it. Every paper I wrote for myself was a D. Every paper that I wrote for my friends was an A or B. Every time there was a paper due, I wrote for me and I wrote for three of my friends.


Do you think the guy would have ever noticed the writing similarities? I can not believe that he almost failed me in Freshman English and my three friends passed with ovations and flying colors. That goes to show you what "a name" will carry through the halls of a very small high school in rural America (Iowa).

I WANT to tell this old teacher of mine before I die what I did.
Seriously! Will I feel vindicated? I do think so!