What's the worst(or unhealthiest) thing you've ever eaten?

Hello, my name is Tiaras & Tantrums and I am an eater of crap!

Seriously, when it's too hot/cold/wet outside to leave the house and I am alone and hungry and there is not healthy food in my house, I will eat whatever I can find. Often times awful, embarrassing combinations of food in quantities which should make me the world's fattest person!

This boredom eating has led me to consume entire bags of chips with French Onion dip, entire bags of crostina with hummus, tubs of ice cream with chocolate syrup and, from time to time grated Parmesan cheese poured over a bag of freshly popped popcorn and the absolute worst, the entire container of chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's! Oh, and I have never met a french fry that I didn't love. I'm not sure if this is a problem of boredom or not, but it has definitely lead me to ban certain items from my shopping cart and my pantry!

I know there shouldn't be ice cream in my house, but I have three small children who love it as much as I do. I know in my heart there should never be chocolate peanut butter cups from Trader Joe's in my house, or potato chips with French Onion dip or Nestle chocolate chip cookies or double chocolate chunk brownies or really anything that is junk food. I have no will power and I .WILL.EAT.IT.ALL! I will eat it until it is finished and, even if I tell myself I won't eat it, it will drive me crazy, sitting in the pantry (or should I say, hidden, because I do try to hide this junk from myself), until I have to devour the rest to maintain my sanity.

So this leads me to the junk foods...am a complete freak or does anyone else share this secret shame? Does anyone else, when no one else is around, have really bad habits with food? This issue reminds me of Miranda in that episode of Sex and the City when she can't stop eating the cake and throws the cake in the trash, but then EATS IT FROM THE TRASH and has to pour dish soap on it to keep herself away.(I'm giggling now thinking of this . . . I have NOT done this . . . yet)

Except in that case, Miranda is eating delicious cake and I am, well, scooping cheese sauce up with my Doritoes along side my handful of Cheese Nips and a couple of double stuf Oreos to wash it all down. Sigh.