I'm not sure if this photo will even count because you can't really see baby girls face. But I adore this shot. I was so happy, when after viewing the photos I had downloaded, to see this one!

We went to the park the other day to play. After a bit she started to wander over to the fence and she happened to find lonely little purple flowers in the long, pristine, freshly cut grass field. Amazing that her little eyes spotted them! This small park happens to be parallel to a small horse farm, which the children love to visit a couple of times a week.

I grew up in rural Iowa and to see a horse a couple of times a week if almost laughable to me! I saw and rode a horse daily! I saw fields of wild flowers all summer long! I ran in fields of oats in season! I was able to bend down and tenderly pick a small purple flower, as my youngest daughter did this past play day at the park, without even thinking that it was an amazing find! I have delicious memories of my childhood running free in the open fresh air!

The things that I took for granted as a child are the things that are amazing to my children today. I would not trade the suburbs/semi-urban lifestyle for a country lifestyle today. But I bet baby girl would! I hope I am allowing her to have delicious memories as well!