What was I doing 10 years ago?

What was I doing 10 years ago?
Let me see, I don't know if I can recall that far back . . .um . . . well, I was in a new relationship with a sexy man (my now hubbie), working crazzzzzzzzzy long hours as a Financial Analyst, had an adorable condo that I loved (very pink and girly) and I was super (super) skinny!

Five snacks I enjoy?
Chocolate peanut butter cups (on banned status in my house)
VERY crunchy, plain potato chips w/ French Onion dip
Chips & salsa (but the tortilla chips must be the thin ones)
Doritos (only Nacho Cheese) with cheese dip (from the can)
Parmesan crackers with Hummus
(see a pattern anyone)

Five Things On My to do list Today?
clean up dog poop (already done)
Appt at Dermatologist
pick up son from school
laundry (never ends)
vacuum (never ends)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
Buy a vineyard in Lucca, Italy and live there FOREVER!
Pay off our mortgage, my brother's mortgage, hubbie's brother's mortgage
Put hubbie's parents in a very shi shi retirement home far from us!
Pay off the mortgage and debt at our church

Five Jobs that I have had
checker at a grocery store (in high school)
waitress at Baker's Square (in college-made LOADS of cash)
nanny (for a very rich family, their house had 11 bathrooms, the most awful children on the face of the planet)
Administrative Assistant (for a few months, I used this as a stepping stone to get hired at the company that I wanted to work at, and moved quickly to the Accounting dept)
Finanical Analyst (LOVED MY JOB)

Five of my bad habits
I crack my knuckles - incessantly (and my wrists and my ankles and my knees and my neck and my back)
I am a clean FREAK (is this a bad habit?)-really an issue
I spend too much time on the computer
Bad, Quick- TEMPER (better in my old age)
I don't wash my hair everyday (it takes too long tow wash it, to dry it, to straighten it - plus, way too much of my hair falls out!!)

Five Places I have lived
Iowa (2 locations)
Illinois (I have moved 12 times/12 different suburbs)
Beijing, China


6 Random things:
1) I have never eaten sushi, had a speeding ticket or bought a lottery ticket
2) My high school graduating class was a total of 38 students
3) I barely graduated from high school, but graduated magna cum laude from college
4) I had 2 C-Sects without my husband because I didn't trust anyone else to watch our children