10:05 PM
upstairs to bed with baby in arms, water on nightstand (I have a perputual thrist at night), check on son and daughter, baby begging to eat, even though I just fed her, baby crying because I won't feed her again

10:44 PM
baby still crying herself to sleep, on the verge of slumber

11:33 PM
baby wakes and wants a sip of water, asks to eat again, I use the washroom, check on son and daughter again, hubbie snoring peacefully away

12:40 AM
baby wakes once more and wants another sip of water, me too, check on son and daughter again, use the washroom again, hubbie snoring peacefully

1:00 AM
son lays his head on my chest, thirsty, wants to sleep with me, get him his pillow and a blanket, baby remains sleeping, hubbie as well, still snoring

3:13 AM
daughter tapping me, needs help to the bathroom, I use it too, wants to sleep with me, get her pillow and blanket, baby and hubbie are sleeping still, and still snoring

4:33 AM
baby wakes and wants a sip of water, asks to eat again, starts screaming when I say no, son laying on my legs like a row of bricks, get up, move daughter back to her bed, tap hubbie 4 times until he wakes to move his legs so son can move over, baby still screaming, get back in bad and hold baby until she falls back asleep

5:24 AM
baby wakes, wants to eat, hubbie gets up and starts his (noisy) morning routine, baby goes back to sleep

6:00 AM
hubbie leaves bedroom, (ah - quiet again)

7:00 AM
daughter comes in "it's morning momma", baby wake, "get up"

I am exhausted today, my night last night is a bit uncommon, baby usually sleeps through the night. She has a double ear infection which has thrown off her sleeping, she was completely done with nighttime feeding until the ear infections. Now, back to the wakeful evenings until she can sleep all night again. Both girls have colds which has now been passed to me (that's what I get for sleeping next to my kids). My brain is going to explode, need some sinus meds.