What Are You Wearing Today?

So this week the weather has been fairly sunny and warm during the day. No need for raincoats or heavy sweaters. This did not deter me from wearing my knee high boots though. Seriously, I have a new love for knee high boots this season! And scarves! I love scarves! Do you want to know why? Well, I'm going to tell you anyway. I am always cold. Always. Freezing most of the time actually. Wrap a scarf around my neck, I'm not as cold. Guess what else? (in a whisper) It hides neck wrinkles beautifully! And, frankly I think they are hot!

So today I am wearing:

jeans - Vigoss jeans from Kohl's($18.00) (jrs section-can't seem to get out of this section yet)

shirt - Discovery ($7!!)

scarf - LV (very expensive - a whole whopping $24!!)

simple silver hoop earrings - ??

watch - gift

Oh, and see my first shiner, healing so slowly. I am so pale, no amount of makeup works to cover it up. I keep getting strange looks this week. No one asks me what happens, but a lady at Michael's gave me her 50% off coupon,(I think she felt sorry for me). Silly woman!

And the most hilarious of all . . . when I got undressed for the day, I discovered I had been wearing my shirt on backwards ALL.DAY! What a dope I am sometimes!


You can post or just comment . . .

tell or don't tell . . . show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) . . . exactly what it is you've put on today!