Autumn Beauty

 I have been super excited about this week's challenge. My camera has been with me all week getting loads of photos of the children with all the wonderful fall colors everywhere. I should have actually taken more photos about a month ago when all the trees and their leaves were full glorious colors. But, leaves on the ground will do as well. Amazingly enough, the past couple of weeks have been warmer than the whole month of October.

I am gearing myself up for the holidays. Truly I am not anywhere near ready. In my brain I still feel as if I have months and months yet to prepare. However (brain listen please), Christmas is 40 (F-O-R-T-Y) days away! I'm in so much trouble this year(slapping my head there). I think I would be better prepared if my husband were around more. He has been working on a huge project (at work) and is pretty much MIA in this house for the past 4 months. He warned me this would happen and that it will get worse at it gets closer to the end of the year. He has not eaten dinner with us during the week for the past 4 months, been around for good night stories or kisses and the children are suffering a bit. I told him tonight that I was lonely and he better stop ignoring me or I was getting a job and kicking him out(I was joking, but he did not think it was funny).

This weekend I was in full swing with crafting. I completed (from start to finish) six scrapbooks. Two mini scrapbooks strictly from paper and four paper bag scrapbooks. I'm stockpiling as I think I am going to get a table at a local craft fair, I'm just not sure yet. I really don't want to put all this time, effort and hard work into a craft show and then not sell anything. Crushed I would be for sure! My husband keeps telling me to do it and stop giving all my hand made books away as gifts.

My little one was back to the pediatrician this weekend for another nebulizing. She was a champion this time, so very brave and knowledgeable. I asked the Dr if we would need a nebulizer at home and she said she was not ready for that yet. I just hope my little baby girl is good for the remainder of the week. I worry too much and still hope this is not asthma.

This week for my photo I chose my daughter playing outside in a leaf pile. She was having so much fun throwing these leaves up in the air and letting them cascade down over her head. Many peals of giggles were heard this afternoon.

I love the color contrast of the vivid and brilliant clothing against the dead leaves (don't they look so crunchy) and some hardy green weeds still showing perseverance against the weather.