What Are You Wearing?

Yes! It's Friday again...and so, you know, What Are You Wearing?

I seriously cannot believe it's Friday already. This week has flown by. I am sooo busy with my children's schedules I feel like I am forgetting something everyday, mostly to eat! Which is a good thing . . . remember I am trying to lose weight!

Anyway, it is another frigid day here in the Windy City. I am wearing this long sweater that looked really cute on the hanger at VonMaur, but I am not so sure if I like it now as it shows my fat ripples in my arse, very adorable, comfortable leggings from, of all places, WalMart and little black patent flats from Target. I have my hair sort of down and I even have on lipstick. Accessories include: earrings (diamonds from hubbie),

Return To Tiffany bracelet

purchased many years ago in NYC, rings and watch (from hubs).

Alright, tell me: What are you wearing today?

So, I'm thinking I'm too old to wear this outfit??


You can post or just comment, tell, or don't tell, show or don't show (maybe soon you will show) exactly what it is you've put on today!