What Are You Wearing?


Okay, it's Friday again people . . . and this is what I am wearing . . . nothing fancy today . . . it is still cold as ever and I am just trying to stay warm. Out to a Mommy & Me play date with the children . . . I have on a white long sleeved T-shirt from Target,

jeans previously mentioned

, a suede zip shirt by Jones New York that I have had for.ever AND new boots and a new handbag!! Oh and the belt is from Old Navy bought ions ago. My new handbag is Coach and I think I should save it for Spring but it is too cute so I had to use it right off. My new boots, well, they are not new, just sort of new. I have had them awhile but just have not worn them yet. I don't want to ruin them in the slushy mess outside.

They are so comfy and just gorgeous.

Can you guess who makes them?

I left a bit of a (red) hint.

Accessories include my staple rings and watch and heart pendant from hubs. Today I added earrings and a matching necklace that hubbie gave me so very long ago from



I totally need my nails done and my roots are terrible!!!!!!!

I seriously NEED to do some situps!!!!!!!

After I saw these photos . . . I UNtucked my shirt (bleck)!

They really are sexy hugh?

Isn't it so fun!?