We Are Going Insane

I honestly do not know what is going on in our house . . . we are so insanely busy I feel like I am never home. If we are home, I am rushing about to get back out of the house. This summer is passing us by so quickly and I don't know where it has gone off too.

Can you believe we begin school in five short weeks! Although my children do not really get a 100% break from school during the summer. I did give them all a two week reprieve from any and all things associated with math, science and all the other mandatory educational subjects. I still make my kiddos read daily and we started Bible Bee at the beginning of the summer as well.

We are currently back on our summer school schedule of tutoring once a week and daily math and grammar, as well as reading and Bible Bee. The little poppets are so used to our summer of schooling, they dont' know anything else. My little one told me the other day she wished we were back in school because she missed it. This made my heart sing a bit. Although, I don't know how I would ever fit in school right now because we have so many other activities planned for the rest of the month!

fun2012 (6 of 1).JPG

Water This is a cool capture of my daughter at the splash park one summer afternoon.

fun2012 (9 of 1).JPG

Petal This was a bit tough around these parts as it has been dry as dry can be. All my flowers have long since lost their petals and the leaves on the trees are even beginning to fall from the lack of rain. I remembered that my potato plants were flowered up . . .

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Fresh This ilittle guy was all cool and fresh even though it was close to 90 degrees outside.

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Eight This is a bit more than eight, but this balloon twister was so good and I just couldn't stop staring at his bag of balloons. We were at a fabulous event this past week hosted by San Antonio Sea World and he was there entertaining the kiddos.

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Calm This is my little one at the splash park, which she hates . . . she will still calmly along the side waiting for her brother and sister to finish playing{she hates water on her face}.