Tuesday's Tantrums

As the title states ~ Tantrums

**Why does this new Secret deodorant make me itch so much??

**Why do women's razors not really shave my armpits and legs? I need a man's razor! Really, it is asking to much for the damn pink razor to actually shave baby fine hair off my legs?

**Why does it take half a bottle of hair conditioner for my hair to feel conditioned?

** Why does this dang owl hoo hoo in the middle of the night and what is he (I'm assuming it is a he) hoo hooing about at 3 AM!!! Hoo Hoo . . . Hoo Hoo . . .Hoo Hoo. I'm going to hoo hoo his hoo hoo pretty soon! Maybe if I give him a Tootsie Pop he will quiet down?

**Why does this silly bird keep flying into my window every morning? Tap tap tap . . . tap tap tap. What the heck? Don't you see yourself, you stupid bird? If I paint a bird on the glass, will you go away?

**Why does my dog shed so much? I'm really sick of this dog hair - EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! I look down, there is hair on my lap, I haven't been near the dog, but there the hair is? How did it get there? Can you shave a Labroador?

**Nicknames . . I hate them! Truly this is one of MY biggest pet peeves. Since I was a child, I remember this about myself. Others would try to shorten my name and it would send me into a tizzy! I used to work with this one particular lady who would call me this and I would correct her and say my name is that. She would state I just said that and I would reply, no you said this. She would state they are the same, oh, it would drive me insane. She really worked me up about my name. I specifically picked names for my chidlren so they could not be shortened or abbreviated.

**My daughter has recently started to show an interest in picking out her own clothes for the day. For instance, today she has picked pink and grey striped leggings, pink and blue flowered tank top and orange socks. LOVELY look really! Normally she would just put on what I put out for her, but she no longer is waiting for me to decide what I shall dress her and her sister in for the day. Yes, I dress the girls alike, I'm that much of a control freak. I love the girls to look the same, I always know what to look for when we are out. No two different outfits to trick my eyes. Now, this new found independence is wonderful for her, not so much for me.

**I think it's a mistake to feel we must socialize with the parents of our children's friends... I know I have done this in the past and I don't want to feel obliged to it in the future, but it's nice when you actually like them. Last summer, my son became friends with two specific boys on his T-Ball team. The three boys got along grandly AND all three boys have sisters, the exact same age, who happened to be in ballet as well last summer. At summer's end, we all parted ways, with telephone numbers and email addresses and promises of playdates.

I contacted one mother a couple of times, no response whatsoever. I left it alone, was I to become an email stalker? The other mother emailed back occasionally, one time even agreeing to a playdate. But, she never showed up and my children were devastated, so I stopped emailing her altogether. Frankly, I don't have the time or energy to deal with this nonsense.

Spring time came around and this mother emailed me and asked if I was signing my son up for soccer and this is the team that she and the other mother were on, same for daughter as well. Son got on the same team as the other boys, daughter did not. Hellos and niceties at the soccer games and practice. I seem to get along better with one mother over the other (the mother who actually sometime emailed vs the one who never emailed me), but I don't really know why. I discovered that during the school year, these two mothers have become fast friends, which I really could care less about. I'm more upset for my son because he really does like these two boys a lot.

T-Ball begins and we are on the same team again, they asked me if my son was playing and I had him registered for another time and switched him. (I was assuming they wanted my son on their son's team) But now, I really wished I had not switched him because the other two boys are pretty much ignoring him and I feel horrible for my son now.

Yesterday at practice the two mothers came after we were already there and sat on the opposite sit of the bleachers from my daughters and me. (I think I should have got the hint, but stupid me did not) I got up and relocated us to sit by them. They were speaking in a normal tone and then started to whisper, but I could still hear them. Not that I was eavesdropping on their conversation, you can just normally hear what others are saying around you.

What irritated me was they were trying to hide the fact that they had a sleepover AND one boy had a birthday party and my son was not invited. Now, this is just downright mean not to invite my son to the party. I don't care about the sleepover because I don't believe in sleepovers at any age. I'm not asking to be included in their friendship by any means. I already know I have nothing in common with these women, they both work(one is a teacher and the other has an internet business) and I don't. They are ten years younger than I am and frankly I am too busy with my own children to sit and have a normal conversation anyway. It has been this way with me for the past 6 years, I pick my children over adults always. When I take my kids to the park; I don't plop down on the bench, I play with my children at the park. This is the same at other functions, I watch and cheer my son on at all games etc etc. I've never been very good at chitchatting anyway and frankly don't give a rat's behind about what most gals are talking about. My brother says I am aloof. Yes, I will have to agree on this one.

Is my apathetic nature hurting my children?

**Oh, and this one mother shortens my name (double argh) and my daughter's!!

**Okay, I'm done for the day!