Tips/Tricks & Advice for Summer Fun

M-W-F - I have school at home for my two oldest (yes, I am that mean)
M-F - 30 minutes per day, per child - READING - A MUST
M-W-F - Baseball for my son
T - OT(Occupational Therapy) for son and daughter
W - Enrichment for son
F- softball for daughter
Th - Gymnastics for daughter
S - Art class for baby and daughter (two seperate classes-age appropriate)
S - Rock climbing for son
Daily - after dinner, we all go to the park for family time.

Yes, I am one of those mothers that jam pack their children's schedules. I do this for routine, routine, routine. My children have been used to this since birth and know no other way. I run, run & run from sun up to sun down. If my children are idle, silliness ensues!
We have a splash park within walking distance, this is reward based, if they are good, we can go.
A weekly treat is always given as well, the movies, minature golfing, out for ice cream. But this is also reward based! Plus, I bake like a mad woman, always with the children. Cupcakes, cookies, cakes, dipped pretzels and marshmellows, anything and everything that is fun!

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