Oh how I wish I had little babies to shoot photos of! The choice this week was trees, beautiful plants or babies or all three. I would love nothing more than to have a new baby in my house, but alas, I am stuck photographing trees.

But beautifully cared for and very much loved trees. I visited my grandmother's farm (now my aunt's farm) a couple of weeks ago and was able to revisit my childhood memories. The farm looked very much the same and very much different to me. My grandmother liked everything crisp and well cut and well cared for. My aunt on the other hand is very much a nature lover . . . trees especially. She loves trees and just keeps planting them . . . everywhere.

The groves had trees . . . the pastures had trees . . . the back area (I don't remember what it is called but it is the area behind the house where sheds used to be) had paths of trees . . . the beautiful brick house was pretty much completely hidden by trees.


This is the lane leading up to the farm . . . I had to take a photo of these for memories sake! I played up and down this lane for years and have so many fond memories playing here.


This is not the view I recall from my childhood . . . at all. I love my aunt dearly, but she crushed my memory completely with this over grown hot mess of trees and foliage around her house. On another note, it is her house, she has literally lived her her entire life, she never left. She did not go away to college because my grandmother was sickly. She remained at home and went to community college and took care of my grandmother until she passed away 25 years ago. She was well into her mid-30's and had never married. She had only recently began to date a wonderful man at the time of my grandmother's passing. My aunt is quiet and shy, but strong and quite able. She is an amazing woman, my father's little sister. A tree lover for sure.


This is another farm down the road from my aunt's house . . . I couldn't resist stopping and taking a photo.