Avoid Summer Brain Drain Wit Marbles The Brain Store

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Marbles: The Brain Store opened its new store at Water Tower Place this week and my children and I were there for a sneak peek at their glorious store!

Marbles: The Brain Store offers products to stimulate and strengthen the brain, ranging from scientifically-acclaimed software and books, to simply fun games, puzzles and activities. Marbles offers the best brain-boosting games, books, puzzles and software, including several Marbles-brand products launched in 2010.

Marbles offers products for five key brain functions: critical thinking, memory, word skills, visual perception and coordination. Before entering the Marbles collection, products are reviewed by a board of Brain Health Experts that consists of scientists, physicians, psychologists and other therapists. Roughly 250 products are carried in the store at one time and the assortment is refreshed three times per year.

Shopping at Marbles is fun, informative and hands-on. Customers can try products in-store and the sales team, called “brain coaches(can I just add that I LOVE this title!!), are well-trained on matters of the brain to help with product recommendations.


I was so excited to visit Marbles this week with my children. I have been ordering wonderful products off their website for years for my children. I was happy to see numerous products on their shelves that we already had in our home. It is no secret I summer school my kids to avoid summer brain drain. However, I already utilize many other Marbles products to create a fun summer learning environment for my children as well.

Summer brain drain occurs when children lose learning over summer break from school. Since we homeschool, my children don't have 12 weeks of summer, they get two weeks off of school and then we are schooling three days a week until late August. If children do not engage in some kind of learning or educational activity during the summer, they will lose valuable lessons already learned in school. One key issue is learning doesn't have to take place in a structured setting. Learning can take many forms, and it can even be fun! Incorporating thinking and learning skills into everyday activities is an easy way to keep your child's brain working while not in school. There are also many activities to choose from to help combat summer brain drain. This is where Marbles: The Brain Store can become a huge factor in your summer.


Ogosport, AKA, Hand Trampolines was an instant hit with my little one. We came home with these and my children literally have not put it down all week. Ogosport Disk: A floatable, portable, durable and flexible game that helps relieve stress by bouncing balls up to 150 feet off mini trampolines. Ogosport Disk provides hours of adaptable entertainment for the whole family while boosting concentration and hand-eye coordination. Brain Health Expert Says:  "Concentration and coordination activate and strengthen key areas of the brain crucial in day-to-day function as you try and keep up."

 There are currently six stores to visit throughout the Chicagoland area. Be sure to Marble up today and Keep you kids mentally active!


Disclosure: I have not received any compensation for this post. As always, the opinions expressed are mine. Click here for details. Some images courtesy of Marbles and used with permission