Tour of My Home: Office


Today the featured room is the office ~
This is my desk that I found in a very rural consignment shop in Iowa. I was with my brother and he was looking for something and I spied this and had to have it. I paid $75 for the desk and glass top. I then had to store it in my brother's garage, drive home, rent a truck and drive back to his house to pick it up. It has character I think, even if it looks like it is falling apart. This desk weighs a bloody ton and is almost impossible to move. I love it!
This is the view looking into the office, which is directly off the foyer.
we just moved that table in here . . . it used to be in the kitchen, but we just purchased a new kitchen table and chairs. This table does not "fit" in here in any way, but I don't want the children crafting on my new table and I need to stop using my dining room table for my crafting. It will have to work for now. The stained glass window is from an old church and the horse prints are from Korea.
This is an antique table that my MIL refinished years and years ago. It is quite a lovely table, but we really don't have anywhere to put it where sticky little fingers will not possibly ruin it. So it sits in this corner. The horse is from China as well as the little cabinet underneath. The little table is one of a set. I have one in black (this one) and one in red. I went shopping at Yashow Market in Beijing one afternoon and was walking back to our apt pushing my children in a double stroller. I spied these in this tiny little shop and I went in to inquiry about the price and the owner was just sleeping on the floor (I am not kidding). We haggled for a bit and he wouldn't come down in price so I walked away, but I ended up turning around and paying what he was asking, which I know was way too much. But I really wanted them(I actually bought another one too). I ended up putting the small cabinets in the stroller and my hubbie carried my son and I carried my daughter.
These are the window treatments that I made/sewed . . . I don't like them any longer and am on the lookout for different fabric.
This wall is hand sponged with 5 different colors and it took for-ever! It is only painted this way on the one wall. Two walls have wallpaper and one wall is painted light brown. While I was sponging this wall I fell off the ladder . . . I was 5 months pregnant with my daughter and I don't think I have ever been that frighten in my life!
The swords and such are hubbies, all from China!This MESS is under the desk and Drives me INSANE!
this is the view inside the office looking out to the foyer
These shelves are for all my scrapbooking "stuff" - please excuse the ripped wallpaper . . . my girls like to pull on it. I bought that wallpaper border and hung it in the office so it would look like rows and rows of books.
See all my magazines up there


This is the desk area in my kitchen that serves no purpose except to annoy me with all the clutter that seems to amass here! I have an entire wall unit picked out to go here in place of this desk . . . but the lady at the store really annoyed me and I have not been back. I never sit here, the chair to primarily hold my handbag! The builder, for some reason, installed this desk at a height that is not the normal desk height. Whatever chair I put here is too short and it is quite uncomfortable to sit at this desk.

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