The Holiday Bug Has Arrived!


Do you have the holiday bug yet? I am off and running . . . thus my failure to visit any blogs or even post on my own blog! I have even failed to visit Twitter since I am at a full on sprint to the Christmas finish line. Thanksgiving is over and I think I am still stuffed with mashed potatoes. This year I made PW's delicious, creamy mashed potatoes and oh, Good Lord, I couldn't stop eating them! I hosted Thanksgiving dinner with my family this year and we had my brother and my husbands parents over. It was a very low key holiday this year and quite enjoyable!


We deep fried a turkey this year! It was super easy and the turkey was literally done in 45 minutes but it had zero flavor! I forgot to purchase anything to inject in the turkey prior to frying so I quickly melted some butter and lemon zest together and had my brother inject. But he did not inject enough of this concoction into the turkey and it was very bland. But that left more room in my tummy for mashed potatoes!My table right before everyone sat down (brussel sprouts under the lid) and yes I have two stuffings . . . my MIL insists that she must bring her very own stuffing and and cranberry sauce. It is quite strange . . . she and my FIL will eat her stuffing and her cranberry sauce and everyone else eats mine.


My husband set the timer and the camera up for this photo . . . I should have done it myself as this is a horrible photo and the only one I have! He has no clue how to use my Canon! But look at my girls, the little cuties! I liked what I was wearing, too bad you can't see it very well. My brother told me my hair looked pretty funky! He has no style!

Thanksgiving is over and I have moved onto Christmas in a BIG way! The first thing on my list of TO DO's after Thanksgiving is putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house, inside and out. I have failed in a big way this past weekend and have not yet completed decorating my house. I ran completely out of steam, which has never happened to me. (I really need to start exercising) I took my children to a holiday fair and they enjoyed face painting, balloon twisting, games, a sleigh ride and visit from Santa!


I think this is the only time in the past year my son has given his sister a brotherly hug on his own!

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