Inspire/ Perceptive Perspective: Tell Me a Story

I literally have taken over 500 photos this week, which is just crazy. I carried my camera with me everyday and captured everything! I'm getting ready for my December Daily scrapbook album and am getting myself in the habit of taking photos every single day! I'm excited for December Daily and have almost all my layout complete . . . well, I am half way complete anyway!

I took my children to the circus last night! (holy suckage on the traffic to the city though!!) We all had so much fun . . . well, I take that back, my little one did not have so much fun. We arrived early enough for the Pre-Show and I thought my children would be thrilled at interacting with the clowns and other acts that were available at that time. My little one was TERRIFIED of the clowns! I didn't even know she was afraid. She freaked out! My daughter told me later that when I asked her to stand next to the clown for a photo, she was scared! Who knew! My little one just pretty much climbed, laid and bumped my chest and head all night long. She was not having a good time unless there was a horse or pony involved in an act.

My children were so excited to attend the circus that I heard nothing else for the past week. They were all on their best behaviors to attend(as I had told them on many occasions if they did not behave I would not take them). Once we arrived at the arena, I was surprised at the timid children who were hiding behind my thighs. Except that is for my daughter. This one is a brave soul. She delights me . . . she inspires me . . . she reminds me of me when I was a little girl. Whenever the clowns would ask for volunteers to participate, I would give my son a pat on the back and he would balk, I would go to pat my daughter on the back and she would already be at the clown's side! Inspiring to see courage in a 7 year old like that!


This huge ball of lead weighed more than my daughter and she was the only child who marched right out there and hoisted it up off the ground without a pause or a blink of the lashes! She's tough and I love that about her. She inspires me to be a strong woman for her.


I watched each of my children sitting in their seats last night, with smiles on their faces (except for the little one who kept asking me if it was time to go yet), delight in their eyes and fun in their hearts. I was inspired by my children last night to enjoy all the little things that cross my path each day. Whether it be a small bug, a simple gesture, a big hug or a little peck on my nose. My children inspire me to be a better me! I needed reminding of that as lately we have all been so busy that I forgot. I simply forgot to stop in the moment and enjoy it, bask in it, relish it. I get in auto-pilot mode aroudn this time of year and I need to remind myself to stop doing that. My children are my life and I needed a bit of inspiration last night and I got it!

 Oh, and these gals reminded me that I need to exercise more often . . . seriously, OUCH!