The Day You Were Born

The morning of your birth had finally arrived. I had waited for this day for weeks,

Hoping you would come a bit earlier, but June XXX was the day of your birth. I was scheduled for a 9 am C-Sect and needed to be at the hospital at 7 am. At 5 am, I could sleep no longer. I showered and woke the children and dressed them for the day at the hospital. They were very excited. We all arrived at 7 am and were taken to the birthing room.

I changed and was put on an IV. A few minutes prior to 9 am, my Dr/OB came in to say good morning and to let us know we were on schedule. I walked to the operating room with a nurse after hugs and kisses from daddy, and the children. At 9:47 am you were born. You were so beautiful and tiny! I loved you the second I saw your little face. The Dr checked you over to let me know you were perfect and a nurse cleaned you up and brought you over to me for a hug and a kiss.

You were off to the nursery for observation. I returned to the birthing room. Your brother and sister and daddy visited you briefly in the nursery. We all were rejoined in the maternity room. Your brother and sister were so excited to finally meet you. They were climbing all over me to get to you. They were hugging and kissing you. You were the most loved baby born!

You were the sleepy baby too! We couldn’t get you to wake up to look at us. We all checked you over to make sure you were as perfect as the Dr told us. Daddy took the children home for naps and I took a brief nap with you. We still didn’t have a name picked out for you! Daddy and the children returned later in the early evening and we discussed a name. It is the name that my son picked and refused any others!

On Wednesday night, you were still a sleepyhead and didn’t want to be bothered to eat. Thursday morning and throughout the day, you were a bit more alert. Daddy and the children visited again for a few hours. Friday morning the Dr said that we could go home. The children were so excited! We returned home by early afternoon. I was still moving very slowly and you were much more alert.

You adjusted well to our home and your new bassinet and began eating very well! The first couple of nights were a bit rough and you cried throughout the night. But I was happy (and exhausted) to walk with you.

Baby Girl, you are a good, happy baby and much loved by all of us. We welcome you to our family!