June 2006

It’s hot, hot, hot! We hide in the air conditioned house for comfort and try to get out and about whenever there is a relief from the heat, which isn’t often. We spent one beautiful day the Brookfield Zoo. The children loved the zoo, but missed feeding the animals. At the Beijing Zoo, the children were able to feed the zebras, giraffes and elephants, so the zoo here is not as exciting. We also spent many afternoons at Kiddie Land, my son's favorite summer location! I began the month with numerous trips to the Dr. for NST (non-stress tests) and ultrasounds. Baby was perfect, but mama was not doing so well. New baby girl was born on June 21st, via C-Sect (again). She is beautiful and calm and slept and slept and slept. New baby was without a name for one day as my husband and I could not decide or agree on a first or middle name for our new daughter. My son picked the new name and it fits perfectly! Our new daughter's name translates in Chinese meaning admire, special and safe. She is definitely special and admired and certainly safe now! She is a delight and has rounded out our little family perfectly!