Testing Time Trembling

I've decided to give my children annual standardized testing this year at home. I was a bit nervous and apprehensive and wondered how it would play out. I have three little ones in three different grade levels and I need to conduct no less than eight tests per child. Without the other children interrupting.

It made me want to go hide under my bed for the next couple of weeks. By then the tests will have been given to the kiddos, submitted and the scores returned. But I didn't really hide under my bed because the bunny tends to hide out there quite often and there is no telling what little truffles he has left behind for me. Plus, I don't want to meet the bunny under the bed, he's pretty cranky and tends to bite!

So, I was a big girl about it and bucked up and played the ever so strict teacher conducting standardized tests for my students.


Naturally, there was some drama with the kiddos.

Moody mornings

Hunger pains

Dropped pencils


Lost patience

I gave the kiddos instructions to not interupt the test taker. But someone was always knocking on the door to the classroom regardless of who was taking te test. Oy! My little one did such a great job on her very first standardized tests. She waorked very hard and focus well. My son has been taking these tests since Kindergarten so he was excited to show me how well he would do. My oldest daughter does not like to sit still for long periods of time, so I had to come up with new ways to keep her focused.

As for me, I survived. Next year, it will be a beeze.