Homemade Gifts for Teachers Teacher Appreciation Week


Simply purchase some popsicle forms and fill them up with some edible candy, attach a wonderful tag and hand them out. My kids love to hand these out to their teacher and all the aides at school.


This is the most simple, quick gift to hand out if you are pressed for time. I purchased some clay pots from a home improvement store, along with some chalk spray paint. The children spray painted their own pots (simply lay out a tarp on your lawn and let the childen spray away). I purchased some lovely herbs and replanted the herbs in the spray painted pots. I printed out a recipe on lovely cardstock for Summer Herb Pesto and attached it to stick. I attached another lovely printout on another stick and poked that in the new pot as well.


Get on board, create something . . . it is quite satisfying!

These lovelies! Ahh and ohh!! I do not even want to part with these, they are so gorgeous and soft and fluffy! I think I could sleep with them . . . not really, but these tassels turned out so much more gorgeous than my mind had envisioned! I am so delighted with these beauties! I just hope the teachers enjoy the handmade tassels!


This is my latest summer album . . . too cute! Teacher always appreciate a wonderful handmade scrapbook.