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Inspiring 'Photo'-'Graphy'-'Sessions'

I have not been inspired of late as it is so bloody cold outdoors. It has been so blustery outdoors in Chicago that I think my bones are frozen. I don't know what it is as we age {or maybe it is just me}, but I can't seem to ever warm up. I'm walking around my home wearing three shirts, with a sweatshirt zipped over and a jacket on as well . . . and I am still freezing! I have to carry a blanket around with me from room to room to wrap myself up in. It's quite ridiculous I tell you.  When I go to bed at night, I lay there shivering for hours, I simply can not warm up. I went to my Dr to find out what the issue was before I sweat everyone out of my house. The answer I received was a simple, "that is what happens when we age". For real? I'm not 90! I'm in my 40's? What is going to happen when I am actually "old"? Will I have icicles hanging from my nose? With all my shivering and wrapping up like an Eskimo, I have not been inspired to even pick up my camera.

Thankfully, I have two little girls who adore having their photos taken and beg for 'photo' graphy' 'sessions' all the time.

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