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FREE Summer Activities For Kids

Do you need some FREE Summer Activities for your Children to keep your children busy and happy this summer without breaking the bank? Check out all the Summer Freebies For Kids I have. FREE Summer Activites for Kids, Families and even Adults.

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FREE Summer Reading Rewards Programs 2016 for Kids

School is out! Summer is officially here. I'm fortunate that I do not have to argue with my children about their school work. They know the importance of it and just get it done. Reading can sometimes be an argument though. My girls will read if I ask them, but they are not always keen about it as it takes away from "playing". My son, on the other hand, thinks reading is so boring, right now. It is always an argument to get him reading. So I needed a bit of an incentive to get him and the girls reading this coming summer without any excuses.

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