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Where did October go?
We have had a few beautiful days this past week and I took the kiddos to one of our favorite locations to feed the ducks and exploring along the creek. We were stomping around in the mud for a couple of hours and they were so mad at me when I declared that it was time to go. At the end of the trail we came upon a group of deer and I thought for sure they would bolt away. To my children's delight, they were able to pet the deer. The deer were even happy to lick away at their hands! It was hard to capture some photos because the deer were very skittish of the clicking of my camera.
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How Was your Weekend?

This past weekend my family and I took a driving trip to Iowa to visit my little brother and his family for their Homecoming celebration in their home town. My kiddos had only been to one high school football game a couple of years ago and didn't really have a clue what to expect. My brother was so excited we were in town to celebrate Homecoming with him. My baby brother actually told me he was so happy I came back because we had not watched football together in over 20 years!

The kiddos were so excited to have their faces painted and my son even let his cousin's pals  spray paint his hair. His cousin's friends were very impressed with the fact that my son is homeschooled. I even over heard "I give you mad props dude". So that made me happy my son didn't have to be embarrassed or explain what homeschooling was all about!

The evening game was great and cold. Very, very cold. We literally froze our bums off!

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Days Seem To Get Away From Me

Days just seem to get away from me lately. There is so much to do in October . . . apples picking, pumpkin picking and pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving, petting zoos, amusement parks and bicycle rides, outdoor picnics and next up trick or treating . . . we are trying to stuff in all our outdoors activities before snow hits the ground here in Chicago.

There is a rush-ness(is that a word, I don't think that is a word) to our actions these days . . . wanting to get every last bit of sun we can from each and every day before the skies turn to gloom and doom . . . which is coming fast. The sun has already begun his speedy decent each evening instead of the long sunsets of summer.

The summer clothes have been moved out of dressers . . . the flip flops and sandals have been put away in the basement. Extra blankets have been taken out of cupboards and placed on the ends of beds for the cold nights that have crept up on us all here in the Midwest. Spring and summer jackets have been replaced with fall jackets and we have even brought up the hats and mittens for the extra cool mornings and evenings we have been having.

I suffer in the cold . . . I do not like living in the midwest . . . not one little bit . . . a piece of me shrivels up each little drop on the thermometer . . . . my toes and fingertips are forever cold these days and will be for the long winter that is fast approaching . . . I'm going to miss beautiful October . . . one of my favorite colorful months of the year.

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Fall. Family. Fresh.

October is by far my fullest camera month. What I mean is I usually end up taking more photos in the month of October than any other month (unless I am on vacation at Disney). This month is no exception and there are still 10 days left to snap away.

My little family of five has gone apple picking for the most delicious apples in the midwest . . . we have thrown hay into the air just to cover ourselves with it's rich goodness . . . and to make ourselves giggle as well . . . we have visted a wild west town and tried our hand at roping calves . . . we have taken screaming rides on death defying rollar coasters that matched the path of our lives this month . . . we've gone on nature hikes to locate new bugs and plot some land for school (homeschool) . . . we've climbed some trees . . . and breathed fresh air . . . and eaten caramel apples and had some parties  . . . we've done all this with the sun shining brightly down on us . . . my little family in the fall. . .

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