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Practicing Dramatic Portraits

It has been brutally cold here in Chicago of late and I have to be honest and say I have not even picked up my camera in weeks. I love to take photos, as long as I am outside. It's easier for me if truth be told. I can calculate my settings in mere moments and have no issues with outdoor images.

Indoors is another issue for me. My house, although it has loads of windows, is very dark. It is not ideal for photos. I get loads of shadows on faces or blurry shots. It's super frustrating to me. So I simply opt to not take photos indoors, in my house. I pretty much avoid it, in manual mode.

This week, it warmed up a bit and I grabbed the girls and we went outdoors and I snapped off some shots with their violins in the snow. The girls had fun, the shots were not challenging to me. I wanted dramatic shots and as I was editing I was thinking to myself, these are great, I love them.

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