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This past weekend we took the children to the wild west . . . for some pony rides, petting zoo, pumpkin painting, spooky train rides, carousal rides, car coaster rides, cowboy roping lessons, kiddie canoe rides, kiddie hand car rides, tomahawk throwing and a couple of different ranges were there as well, slingshot, popgun and archery.

Every year we visit the wild west and visit the Indian where the children can trade in their special beads for a pumpkin, hang out in a tepee and see 'real' wild west shows throughout the day. The shows are the same as last year and the year before, but my kids could care less . . . they really love to watch the outlaws and marshall shut everything up.

"Eustace" really stole the show . . .

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We spent the day in the city {Chicago} on Sunday as I said we would. I wanted to give my son a bit of a break from schooling and home and just let him have a day of fun. We had a perfectly, glorious day at Navy Pier. We arrived bright and early and promptly went to one of my children's favorite locations on the planet. The Children's Museum! The girls had an absolute blast. I didn't rush them through any experiences at all, I simply stood around and let their imaginations take them away. What I did discover while there is that my son has slightly outgrown the museum {and oh this breaks my heart into so many pieces}. There were still a few experiences that he loved, but I heard quite often "I'm bored".  
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{it's the little things}
 . . . I loved the tone set for today . . . it's the little things . . . my life is surrounded by little things all day long . . . little things that I adore to the ends of the earth . . . little things that I adore taking photos of . . . little things that remind me to slow down and smile during the day . . .  little things that constantly surprise me by their excitement for (yes, I'll say it) the little things . . . here's a peek into my little things throughout my day . . .
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I'm really having so much fun with textures . . . what a fun way to spend my evenings. Each night my husband says to me . . . "what are you doing" and I reply, 'editing photos' . . . he thinks I'm crazy right now . . . but textures is like a new toy for me . . . something I drooled over for so long and ached for . . . and now I finally have the knowledge . . . I just can't believe it took me this long!
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