Sweets In My Home

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Tools I guess you could call these my tools, right? It was either my camera or books and pencils or pots and pans. I used my old Canon Rebel and 70-300mm lens to take this photo and it was hilarious. I could barely find anything because it is so small compared to my Canon 7D. I haven't used that lens in over a year and I forgot how much I actually liked it. I shot with that old Canon Rebel and 70-300mm lens for almost 5 years, getting my feet wet, so to speak. 

I love my Canon 7D, but I actually am saving for a new camera. Perhaps by the holidays I will be shooting with a5D, if I can resist not purchasing a new LV handbag!Motion So I had this great idea that I would grab my daughter's hand and spin her around me and take her photo.

What I didn't realize was how dizzy I would get! She thought it was great fun. This is not a great photo, but I still like the concept. This is what happens when you let children walk away from you at the store while you are looking at an item to purchase. They hula hoop in the aisles!

Sweet So what is sweeter than ice cream? Mango ice cream is even better and healthier right?

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Dots I love macroons. I adore macroons from Paris! My kiddos saw these recently in a bakery and begged me to buy them all some. My kids were a bit disappointed because they didn't taste the same . . . I think walking around the streets of Paris makes them taste better. We all agreed to go back to Paris, just for macroons.

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Stripes I bought these fun striped paper straws and have not dediced how I am going to use them. But they worked perfectly for a striped them . .  I had taken a better shot from above, or so I thought. When I brought it over to edit, it didn't turn out the way I had envisioned it. That seems to be happening to me a lot lately. My brain and my camera are not syncing up, what's up with that.