Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

Lovely Sustainable Clothing by prAna because prAna clothing is all about classic style and modern materials. Fall into prAna clothing this fall or really any time of the year!

Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

The leaves are falling, winter is fast approaching and it is almost time to begin adding a few layers of clothing, if you live in the Midwest like me. This is the time of year I inspect my closet to see what I may need for the coming months ahead as I will need to be bundled up in sweaters, hoodies, jackets, hats, mittens and boots.

I quickly realized my stack of hoodies was very old and threadbare and I was in dire need of some new ones. I live in frocks and skirts all summer long and the thought of beginning to put on long pants was sort of depressing. We've had a blast of heat in the last bits of summer here in the Midwest through September and the first few days of October, but it is slowly beginning to truly turn into typical Autumn weather.

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About prAna

Clothing designers Beaver and Pam Theodosakis formed their company in 1992 to create versatile, stylish, and sustainable clothing and accessories that can be worn during every activity, every adventure, and every day with the inspiration of sustainable made clothing.

The business is based in Carlsbad, California and their clothing and accessories are carefully crafted with quality materials. Their mission is to inspire healthy, active, and free-spirited living.

You’ll find a range of stylish clothing for women and men from simple, basic pieces to sophisticated pieces; all combined with the prAna classic style and modern materials. prAna is known for basing their designs on their own experiences. They use their knowledge to make clothes that look good and play hard and prAna is always mindful of where and how their clothing pieces are made.

Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

What to Look For in Sustainable Clothing

I look for good quality clothing at an affordable price, like most moms I would say. Price is a factor for me at this point in my life as I have three children (two teens and one tween) and I can't be purchasing new outfits for every occasions or new clothing for every season. I need pieces of clothing that will last and that I can wear everyday as a SAHM / work-from-home mom.

I also need clothing that will hold up well for an active mom with three children and that are comfortable as I spend a lot of time chauffeuring my children to and from their activities as well as a lot of waiting at these activities. I don't want clothing that falls apart after one trip to the laundry and I like clothing that is pretty to wear. I also like to have pieces of clothing that I can wear with various other pieces I already own.

I simply adore my new Kara Jean - Stretch Denim Slim Fit Versatile pant from prAna . I received the Kara jean in Cargo Green from prAna. The Kara Jean is a fitted low rise pant with narrow legs and a traditional 5-pockets. This jean is made from organic cotton, a soft stretch "Kara" denim that allows for breath-ability and movement.
Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

I love the cargo green color. It is a bit of a muted green and not bright at all. This color matches pinks, greys and blacks very well. I have very pale skin and it complements me well. The pants length is great and can be cuffed or worn long. I am a bit on the shorter side and usually end of purchasing pants that are labeled short. The Kara Jean comes with extra length in the legs, which I actually love and anyone who is taller, will really appreciate the length. The pants can be cuffed wide or narrow to be worn with heels, low boots, heeled boots or fun sneakers.

Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

The Kara Jean is made from 75% organic cotton, which I actually was so happy about as I have some really weird allergies. When products are purchased made from organic cotton, a system of supporting the process of organic products eliminates the use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers, which can preserve the biodiversity of the lands and also preserves a healthy environment for cotton farmers.

Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code
I also received the Rockaway Jacket- Zip Front Fleece Hoodie from prAna in Gravel. This fleece hoodie is super warm and really soft! I had my doubts that it would keep me warm as I am always freezing and I wore it this entire past week to take my daughter to school. It is very brisk here in the Midwest in the early morning hours and I was not the least bit cold. The Rockaway Jacket is a honeycomb textured zip-front fleece hoodie and the fabric is very soft. The light grey color is a soft grey and matches just about everything in my closet.

The Rockaway Jacket is made from 50% Recycled Polyester and 50% Polyester. The hoodies use of sustainable fabrics and recycled materials is quite remarkable. Now you may be wondering what is recycled polyester? It commonly comes from post consumer plastic water and soda bottles. Recycled polyester is a better alternative because it relies on a recycled material and promotes responsible living.

Sustainable Clothing by prAna + Coupon Code

In addition to great stylish women's clothing prAna also carry men's clothing and some wonderful accessories such as scarves, hats, belts and yoga mats and towels. I realized after I received these new clothes from prAna that I actually had purchased a dress from prAna last summer, which I adore.

I am very pleased with the sustainable clothing I received from prAna, the Kara Jeans and The Rockaway Jacket. I would purchase both of these items for myself, and I would recommend prAna to my friends and family. Temperatures are dropping across most of this nation and when the temperature drops, it’s time to add layers. If you want a piece of sustainable clothing that promotes conscientious living, responsibility in consumption and local production, prAna is the place to search.