Spring Break Stay-Cation


Last week my children were out of school for spring break vacation. Usually we travel somewhere with a beach. This year I just was not up to traveling. Because to be honest, I'm the one doing all the planning, packing, juggling of schedules and it really is not a vacation for me.

While I love the sun and beach . . . I don't look forward to small rooms, crowded beds, wet towels, dirty floors, not so great food day in and out and the utter laziness that happens to my husband on said vacations. While I realize that he does work hard at his desk all week long, week after week and needs time to unwind . I also feel that a vacation means that I should get a vacation too. That just is never the case. Going on vacation for me is more work for me.


So this year, we stayed home. We had a Stay-Cation in our beautiful home. We went to the city twice to two separate museums, we took the children to Build-A-Bear workshop (had never been), we went swimming at a local water park, we went to Chuck E Cheese, and we went to a movie (Aliens vs. Monsters-super cute and funny).

The best part is that I took a break from house duties as well, no cooking, no cleaning, no laundry, just sheer laziness. As if I were on a real vacation. That was quite lovely for me. My house was a complete disaster but I did not get myself all worked up about it (my house has since been scrubbed and scoured up and down since then). When my husband is not at home, my home is about 75% cleaner, why is that?

I had a great week with the children home and I can't wait for summer break . . . seriously . . . I LOVE having my children around me. We are going to have so much fun this summer.