Sliced Apples with Nutmeg | Favorite Autumn Snack

The leaves are changing. It's officially Autumn! I adore Autumn and it is simply my favorite time of the year. My favorite season by far because of the glorious colors! My favorite weather because I am not too hot and I am not too cold! Plus, I love nothing more than to bundle up in a beautiful sweater, a fun scarf and boots!

I love to cook in the Autumn as well! My favorite food. I'm so looking forward to all the delicious Autumn recipes that are going to be enjoyed.

Apple recipes - are favorite recipes in our home. Today, I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite Autumn apple snack. Time to enjoy Autumn in all its glory. With glorious, juicy apples!

Sliced Apples with Nutmeg 

These are another simple snack recipe to hand over to your children that will make them smile. It will also stop their tummy's from rumbling as well.  Select your children's favorite apple for this recipe. I choose Honey Crisp apples for this snack.

Sliced apples with nutmeg

Slice the whole apple horizontally, leaving the skin and the core as you can pick out the seeds from your slices. It leaves tiny little center stars that will make your kids giggle. Sprinkle with fresh nutmeg and add a couple of dollops of organic creamy almond butter. Hopefully that will hit the spot and hold your kiddos over until dinner.

fall apples