How to Get Kids' Teeth White with LISTERINE

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When my kid's teeth first started errupting from their tiny mouths, the teeth were pearly white. Tiny, beautiful, perfect and bright white. Eventually they lost their baby teeth and adult teeth took up permanent residence in their mouths. These teeth were perfect and bright white as well, but they quickly began to discolor. Thankfully, LISTERINE has the most amazing oral care products that aide my children in keeping Heroic Habits and brighter, whiter teeth.

My two oldest children have already had their first round of braces. They are on a five year orthodontia plan and will have braces again when all their adult teeth are fully in place. My little one is simply waiting for her top teeth to come in and on the braces will go.

Sadly, my children's teeth were not straight. The teeth came in  a lovely bright white, but very crooked. My son had braces for almost two years and when they came off, his teeth were grey. The beautiful white teeth had disappeared under the braces.

My daughter had her first round of braces for about a year, but with the same results. Her teeth were a dull grey and they had lost their shiny, white luster. I was really at a loss as to what we could do in order to stop their teeth from greying any further. Especially since I know both of these kids will have braces again, and soon.


Since my two oldest kiddos have lost the brightness in their teeth, I have been looking for a product to use on children that is safe and effective. LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE GENTLE mouthwash is an effective product that my children can safely use twice a day. With two uses of LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE GENTLE mouthwash per day, my kids get both the cleaning action of a gentle mouthwash that is peroxide free and the fluoride protection of an anti-cavity rinse in one swoosh! IN addition, the mouth rinse will get rid of my son' s terrible bad breathe.

My children are still young and only have mild discoloration on their new adult teeth. LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE GENTLE is perfect in removing these mild stains and preventing them as well. It will safely whiten their teeth and prevents new  cavities from forming.

A perfect teammate to the mouth rise is the LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE Dental Floss. This dental floss stretches and slides between their little teeth. LISTERINE HEALTHY WHITE Dental Floss has these tiny micro-grooves in the floss that really removes all the plaques that builds up in my children's teeth. Both of these great products are available at our local retailers where LISTERINE products can be purchased.


As I mentioned earlier, my son has awful bad breathe. I'm not sure what is going on with him, but his breathe could slay a dragon. He is now carrying around LISTERINE POCKETPAKS where ever he goes to deter those bad-breathe germs. He is not allowed to have any type of candy or mints at school, but he can carry the POCKETPAKS and pop one in his mouth intermittently throughout the day to alleviate his dragon breathe. The POCKETPAKS are sugar free, so I don't have to worry about creating sugar bugs in his teeth and they dissolve instantly so his teachers won't get upset about him having something in his mouth during school.


As we head into fall and the new year that will be fast approaching, my family is keeping their Heroic Habits using LISTERINE oral care products. Braces will be going on all three of my children in 2015 and I need to ensure they remain a healthy white throughout the entire process! Thanks LISTERINE for creating some amazing oral care products to aide us in having  a lifetime of good dental health.