Siblings Really Can Get Along

A Tale of Two Distant Ages

So, I have a 9 year old, a 12 year old and a 14 year old. My youngest are girls and my oldest is a boy. The shows that my son now enjoy are not the shows that my daughters enjoy watching. We have a dilemma when they are all in one room watching something . . . or trying to agree to watch something. Most times, my son loses the battle.

Siblings Really Can Get Along #StreamTeam #Netflix

Sugar and Spice

Since I have two girls and one boy, I have a mix of dispositions. Two sweet girls and one sassy teenage boy! He wants a bit more mature content and my girls are still into the shows that focus on fun and silliness.

Siblings Really Can Get Along #StreamTeam #Netflix

Meet in the Middle

Deciding on a genre is the hardest when it comes to watching together for my three children. From comedy to action,  Netflix has a little bit of everything for all of them. It is just a matter of locating the perfect shows for all three to watch together because I don't want my kids isolated off somewhere by themselves in our home. 

Siblings Really Can Get Along #StreamTeam #Netflix

Must Watch TV

I have two younger brothers whom I absolutely adore. Sadly, they both live in another state and we don't get to see each other often. One thing that we all like to do together is watch movies. We are all night owls and will literally plow through series of shows together when we get together.

Siblings Really Can Get Along #StreamTeam #Netflix

One of my younger brothers lives in the country and they don't have cable. Not that they don't want cable, it is that they can't get cable because they are so rural. When he would visit, he loved that he and I could sit up all night long into the wee hours of the morning watching shows he had never even heard of. We bond over TV! I used to get my brother hooked on my favorite Netflix shows all the time.

Last year I gifted him a subscription with Netflix and told him to have someone figure out HOW they could use Netflix in their rural home. They figured it out and couldn't have been more overjoyed! Now my brother is recommending Netflix shows to me!

If you are having issues with your kids deciding on what to watch together, Netflix has come up with the perfect solution. Netflix has created an iconic fortune teller to help your family decide what to watch next.

Siblings Really Can Get Along #StreamTeam #Netflix

How to play:

1. Pick a color on the top four flaps and spell out the letters (e.g. B-L-U-E) while alternating a pinching and pulling motion with the teller to reveal a set of four numbers.
2. Pick a number and move the fortune teller the corresponding number of times, revealing a second set of four numbers.
3. Choose a genre and open the flap to reveal what’s up next on Netflix.



What shows do your children enjoy streaming together on Netflix?

Disclosure: This post is part of my involvement as a Netflix #StreamTeam Member. All opinions are my own. #NetflixKids Want to learn more about Netflix Streaming? Subscriptions start at $7.99/month. *Photos courtesy of Netflix and used with permission